Personal Health Designs LOVES Challenges!


We Love it When Customer's Ask...

"I'm starting a walking club; my budget is $5/person. What are the most essential tools to get my participants on the right path?" or...

"We're seeing a high incidence of strain injuries in our call center. What do you have that will help employees self-manage the factors that put them at risk?"

Questions Like That Get Our Juices Flowing!

Call us with your particular challenge and we'll offer a variety of options so you can pick, choose, mix and match to get the right fit for your audience.

We guarantee it will cut your planning time in half... saving you time and money. 

So put us to the test. Send me an e-mail or call me directly. I'll be involved in every aspect of your request from start to finish.

And thanks to all our loyal customers for your trust and confidence and the privilege of serving you over the past 25 years.


Daniel Bernstein, President

Personal Health Designs



Background... Prior to starting PHD, Inc. Dan was the fitness manager at Union Carbide's World Headquarters and the Sr. Health Managment Consultant for Empire BCBS. He has graduate degrees in health and physical education from the University of Virginia and Queens College. He has been a health educator since 1976,